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"The Portrait Virus" is a performance/multi-media work created by new media art historian Patric Prince and a small group of artists presented at "CyberArts 3" in Pasadena in 1992. Video captured Portraits by Michael Wright were passed along from artist to artist over the Ethernet and the Internet to Washington DC with each artist doing some manipulation. The end product was projected. The artist took the position of a virus infecting pure digital information. The work was historic in its use of Video, Amigas, Macs, & PC's communicating across platform and over a young internet in a visual way.Wright carried on an iteration of the idea as an ongoing life project. Wright,as an individual artist, has presented the project at,


• 2010 SIGGRAPH  The Studio, Los Angeles

• 2005 SIGGRAPH Guerrilla Studio, Los Angeles

• 2004 SIGGRAPH Guerrilla Studio, Los Angeles

• 2001 SomArts Gallery, CyberArtsX, San Francisco, Calif.
• 2001 “Koreia: Fest of Digital Arts & Culture” Palace Theater, Los Angeles

• 2001"ACM1" Association for Computing Machinery Conference and Expo Art
   Gallery in San Jose, "The Impact of YLEM: 20 Years of Art, Science, and


• 1997 "Bodies in Motion", Kellogg University Art Gallery


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.