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Sean Lorenz

Gloria Shin

Visual Culture


The Evolution of Art


The modern word art is described in the English dictionary as, “A thing that is created through ability and imagination and is beautiful and transmits feelings and ideas.” (Believing is Seeing, by Mary Anne Staniszewski, Page 116). However, its ideology has been present throughout history. Coming from the Latin term “artem”, the term of Old English “eart”, and the Old French word “beaux art”. Typically, the term “art” in the past was work created by skilled craftsman such as painters, sculptors and other craftsmen that have refined a particular skill in a trade or craft.

            As the term itself continues to evolve with the ideologies that society place on this term, so do the physical aspects of art. Basically, the depictions and creations of what art is, evolve with the term. For example, the The Disney Concert Hall by Frank Gehry, is a testament to this ever changing concept of art. The Disney Concert Hall is a public work of architecture and it both engages and reflects the City of Los Angeles. Instead of just another structure aimed at embodying the informality of Los Angeles, it is instead a testament to the culture of what Los Angeles is and is becoming. A belief of constant change and ingenuity within the city. In addition, the Disney Concert also in a way a tribute to the historical sense of the word. That architecture is still a craft of a skilled tradesmen, a piece of art that embodies both the ancient and modern meaning.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.