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Sean Lorenz

Professor Choi


December 3, 2017

Reflection #2


          At the beginning of this semester we were asked to make a predetermined understanding of what this class would entail. Before jumping into the material of the course, I made an assumption that it would be a case of studying interior environments and how these environments with an emphasis on architecture can drive humanity at a neurological level. As we carried through the course, we began to delve into the basic idea of what I expected, but instead at much more theoretical stand point. We read and studied texts and documents ranging from theories conceptualized by Rem Koolhaas, to understand interior environments and urbanistic view by Simon Sadler.

            This class drove the student to think extremely critically, and theoretically about how society and ourselves think about architecture. How the ideology of the built environments can create a sense of control, organization, beliefs, and misunderstanding. How modes of reality can be come altered to a predetermined view of our everyday lives. I also learned much about prominent writes and philosophers, and created a way to verbalize abstract ideas about architecture and modernday civilization.


“Architecture is everything, and everything is architecture.”

-Le Corbusier

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.