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Sean Lorenz

Rebecca Choi

History + Theory IV


Signature Assignment Proposal

            For my project I would like to analyze the Emporia Shopping center in Malmö by Swedish architects Wingårdhs. The building was first conceptualized from a competition-winning masterplan for proposed housing, office blocks, and shopping center. I find the aspect of creating a cohesive union between public shopping, semi-private office space, and private residences. The ideology of no conceptual scale has been implemented but instead an array of architectural realms all defined by the function defined by the materials and design. How a single mass can become sensitive to the need of large scale patterns and details used to put products on display. While also adhering to the natural necessity of privacy required by it occupants. How the interior environments can gradually shift from the harshness of public space to the serenity of a private home. How the flashiness of displaying products can coincide with solitude of both business and dwelling.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.