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Sean Lorenz

Gloria Shin

Visual Culture


Female Artists


Why have them been no women artists? Linda Nochlin answered this question throughout her article and expresses her concerns toward this question through historical reference and ideological conceptions. In “Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists”, Linda Nochlin comes to the conclusion that “Art is not a free, autonomous activity of a super-endowed individual, Influenced by previous artists, and, more vaguely and superficially, by “social forces”. But rather, that the total situation of art making, both in terms of the development of the art maker and in the nature and quality of the work of art itself, occur in social situation, are integral elements of this social structure and definable by social institutions…”. What I think Nochlin is trying to say is that with out a doubt there have been influential and genius, talent female artist, society, or more precisely, the art institutions have chosen not to idolize them. This may be because the majority of these institution is running by men who subconsciously hold a certain ideology toward art created by female artists. That throughout history society has been molded into a certain mind set and that female artist lack the certain “genius” and flare required to develop an innovative art form. That the “genius” held by Picasso and Pollock. However, I believe this ideology to just that outcome of traditional molded thinking. That in time, as future generations take on these rolls this underlying question of “Why no female artist” will dissipate, creating a new path for the art culture.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.