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Sean Lorenz

Visual Cultural

Gloria Shin

Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner

            It always rains and the sun never shines, the city is held together with a labyrinth of cruel and dirty alleyways. The film “Blade Runner”, by Ridley Scott embodies an array of characters and aspects all held with regard in the period of postmodern culture. An emphasis on the struggle between humans and machines was present throughout the entire movie. Though the main conflict of the movie is that machines have evolved to a point where they replicate humans so well that it requires a series of tasks and skilled extractor known as a “Blade Runner” to create recognizable difference between the two entities.

            Though the film is prominently about the conflict of what is means to be a human living in a technologically controlled world, there are deeper symbols reflected in the film. It can be noted by the architecture, the clothing style, the haircuts, the language, the soundtrack, even the language used throughout the movie. It takes place in 2019 based in Los Angeles. After analyzing all these aspects on clothing, language, architecture, society the past is still seen in subtle ways, mostly all depicting the characteristics of that from the 80’s. Post modernity is a representation of the future, while seeking asylum in the past. It’s an effort in creating an identity for an ideology that has not even been comprehended yet. A film putting an emphasis on postmodernity is a reflection on times and society and where we as a culture or civilization is headed.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.