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S.A Bachman 


S.A. is the Creative Collaborator for The Suitcase of Love and Shame,which wasscreened at the Film Society of Lincoln Center. She is co-founder of the collective LOUDER THAN WORDS, which collaborated with Peace Over Violence on public video projections throughout Los Angeles during Sexual Assault Awareness Month. LTW was selected by Women Caucus for Art to be delegates to go to Shenyang, China and exhibit work in Half the Sky: Intersections in Social Practice Art at Luxun Academy of Fine Arts. LTW also presented their work at Open Engagement Conference in 2014 at Queens Museum, NYC. She is an image scavenger and a word detective, a pop-culture eavesdropper and an agitator against injustice, a mass media referee and a cut-and-paste wiz. She is a socially engaged artist, interdisciplinary art educator, and cofounder of the THINK AGAIN collaborative.





DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.