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Jennifer Flores Sternad

Jennifer Flores Sternad is a critic, curator, and writer. Since 2001
she has been doing research on militant art practice and media
activism in the US and Latin America. She received a Bachelor's degree
in Literature from Harvard University. Upon graduating she spent a
year doing research on performance and interventionist art in Chile
and Argentina as a George Peabody Gardner fellow. While living in
Argentina Jennifer was the South American Coordinator for the School
of Panamerican Unrest and a guest curator for the first DEFORMES
Performance Biennial in Santiago, Chile. She received a Master’s
degree in Art History from the University of California, Los Angeles,
where she is currently a doctoral student and Cota-Robles fellow. In
2007 she organized and produced PUBLICo TRANSITorio, an eight-day
itinerant public conference in Los Angeles that brought together
artists and activists from throughout Latin America and the US.
Her interviews and essays have been published in GLQ:
A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies, Contemporary Theatre Review,
Aztlán , interReview and Journal of American Drama and Theater.


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