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Future Farmers


Futurefarmers works across many media. We enjoy creating platforms for sociability within new media spaces; internet, wireless devices and public space. Comfortable in both traditional and new media, Futurefarmers employ a fertile approach to every project.

Amy Franceschini, Founder
Amy is an artist and educator. She founded Futurefarmers in 1995, as a means to bring together multidisciplinary practitioners to create new work. In 2002, she founded Free-Soil She is currently teaching Media Theory and Practice courses at Stanford University and the San Francisco Art Institute. 


Sascha Merg , Partner/Collaborator 
Sasha Merg is a programmer and developer working from Hamburg, Germany. Sasha has been working with Futurefarmers since 1999. He has developed online games and his most recent personal project is a visualization tool. 

Josh On, Collaborator 
Josh is an interaction designer. He joined Futurefarmers in 1998 as an AIR, from the Royal College of Art in London. Together with Futurefarmers he created a series of interactive mapping systems and games; The Anti War Game, Communiculture and They Rule. 

Michael Swaine, Partner/Collaborator 
Michael is an inventor and designer working in many media. He is the analog anchor of the studio. Michael has collaborated with Futurefarmers since 1997. Michael is dedicated to working in the community, Swaine's "Reap What You Sew" Generosity Project involved him pushing an old fashioned ice cream style cart on wheels with a treadle-operated sewing machine on it through the streets of San Francisco. Currently, Michael is teaching at California College of the Arts.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.