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the story comes as follows:
The final project of our Junior Year was to design and build a chair, we had to follow the concept of Danish Modern (nothing like the Fu Chair) So I went along and designed the vogel chair, but that just didn't stop my impulsiveness and let's say, my creative appetite. So I acquired a shopping cart and spent the weekend grinding and bending it.

*DISCLAIMER* I was asked by my school to mention the Stiletto "Consumer Rest" chair by Frank Schreiner which was made in 1983 and is very similar to the chair I made. Now, believe it or not, I made this chair without any previous knowledge of Frank Schreiner's chair, yeah talk about a design student who didn't know about it, how about that... (shame,shame,shame)
My chair was made out of mere impulse and no previous planning and that's the truth and it's up to you to believe it or not. So now that you know and I know, Please dont give me more crap, I'm up to my neck in it. Thanks.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.